Save The Children Foundation - Scam using Save the Children

Lakewood, Colorado 1 comment

I recieved an email froma "Leo Smith" saying he was a diresctor of the "savethechildren Foundation" today. Summarizing, he said he was in England and needed someone to "process" Canadian and US money order contributions and that I was to keep 10% of the total myself.

1.) The letter was poorly constructed, not professional at all.

2.) The email used 'savethechildren90' address and had a link to the real Save the Children website w/o the '90' at the end.

3.) This is likely an attempt to obtain checking account numbers.

4.) FYI -- My address was acquired on one of the job search sites.

Please ignore this scam and let your Internet Provider know that this is a scam. The real "Save the Children" is a wonderful organization with an outstanding record of using contributions to aid children worldwide.



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